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Faculty of Law of "Uzhgorod National University"
to theinvites you to collaborate in publishing scientific articles at
to the electronic scientific professional edition «Comparative-analytical law»

The issue of "Comparative-Analytical Law" is included in the list of scientific professional editions in which the results of dissertation works for obtaining the scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences in legal disciplines can be published.

(Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 463 of April 25, 2013)

(Re-registration: Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 326 of April 04, 2018)

Based on the Order of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine as of 17.03.2020 № 409 (annex 1), the journal is included in the list of professional publications of category "B" in the field of legal sciences (081 "Law", 293 "International Law").

The journal is included in the international scientometric database Index Copernicus International (The Republic of Poland)

The editorial office assigns to each published material an international digital ID of DOI.



"Comparative-analytical law"Admission of articles to an electronic scientific professional edition № 3

Until August 31, 2020

Directing help to authors of the article acceptance and its further publication

Within a week of receiving the article

Posting articles on the official site of the electronic scientific professional publication "Comparative-analytical law" № 3

September 30, 2020



Technical requirements:

  • the article must contain UDC;
  • the article must contain a reference to the number of the legal scientific specialty from which it was written (for example, 12.00.01 - theory and history of state and law; history of political and legal scholars);
  • volume of work - 8-17 pages. in 1.5 intervals, 14th font;
  • references to sources should be made in square brackets, indicating page numbers according to the source. For example, [3, p. 234] or [2, p. 35; 8, p. 234];
  • a list of sources used is given at the end of the article in the order that the sources are referred to in accordance with existing standards for bibliographic description (see: DSTU 8302: 2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General terms and conditions”);
  • the article must include annotations and keywords in the language of the article and in English, translating the title of the article into English; annotation volume of at least 1800 characters without spaces, number of keywords minimum of 5 words.

Language of publications: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Editions sections:

  • Theory and History of State and Law; history of political and legal scholars;
  • A constitutional right; municipal law;
  • Civil Law and Civil Procedure; family law; international private law;
  • Commercial law, commercial procedural law;
  • Labor Law; the right to social security;
  • Land law; agrarian law; environmental law; natural resource law;
  • Administrative law and process; finance law; information law;
  • Criminal law and criminology; criminal law;
  • Criminal proceedings and forensics; forensic examination; operative-search activity;
  • Judiciary; prosecution and advocacy;
  • International law;
  • Philosophy of Law.

For the convenience of the authors, we recommend that you consider as an example design an example of an article already published in the electronic scientific professional publication Comparative-Analytical Law on the official site of the publication.

Articles accepted by doctors of science, candidates of sciences, young scientists (adjuncts, graduate students, applicants), as well as other persons with higher education and engaged in scientific activity. The editorial board reserves the right to review, edit, reduce and reject articles. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the facts, statistics and other information.

Editorial fee is 700 UAH. for one article up to 12 pages, in case of exceeding the admissible number of pages 30 UAH is paid. for each additional page of the article. The editorial fee covers the costs of editing articles, layout, and mailing help to authors.

The articles are subject to internal anonymous peer review and plagiarism testing. After reviewing, the authors receive the requisites for payment of the publication fee.



You need to publish your article:

І. The official website of the publication ( fill out the author's help in the article requirements section.
ІІ. Email the editorial staff by August 31, 2020 (inclusive).

If the article is successfully reviewed, please send a scanned electronic copy of the editorial fee payment.

The filename must be the same as the author's name, with an indication of the article - Article, editorial fee confirmation - Collection.
For example: Fomenko_Article, Fomenko_Collection

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For publication, please consult the edition of the publication.

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