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One of the most important tasks of the modern period of development of the Ukrainian state and society is to increase the effectiveness of legal support. At the same time, nowadays, with the rapid change of the regulatory framework, as well as scientific research, legal experts are increasingly getting the right information through the Internet. Therefore, the Faculty of Law of the State Higher Educational Institution of Uzhgorod National University, which has a strong scientific potential, has long matured the need for an electronic scientific professional publication, on the pages of which actual problems of different branches of law would be analyzed.

The electronic scientific publication "Comparative-analytical law" is published six times a year and distributed through the Internet. The editorial board of the publication carries out an external and internal review of all articles that come to it. The editorial board of the collection includes leading Ukrainian and foreign experts.

The publication cooperates with the largest universities of Ukraine and abroad, state authorities and local self-government. Such cooperation envisages placement of information materials, publication of scientific articles, holding round tables on the basis of publication.

The electronic scientific professional publication Comparative-analytical Law is used in the current educational process: articles and materials published in it are recommended as additional sources in the study of basic disciplines.

The publication publishes scientific-theoretical and practical materials on current general theoretical and sectoral legal issues, law-enforcement practice, as well as proposals for legislation, foreign legal experience of constitutional, judicial and administrative-legal reforms.

We invite everyone to cooperate with our publication and invite you to publish your articles. This publication is intended not only for legal scholars, but also for practitioners who derive a great deal of value from their practice.

The electronic scientific professional publication Comparative-Analytical Law aims to promote the establishment of law, justice and morality in Ukrainian society.



Editor in Chief,

Doctor of Laws, Professor,

Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                                                                            Yu. M. Bysaha